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Regola is involved in many innovative healthcare-related activities  Besides its original commitment in this domain, Regola can count a relevant number of projects, (including several european experimental programmes) joined as the official technology provider, both for the public and private sector.

Here you can find some of the main areas in which our solutions are employed.

Satisfactory – Industry 4.0

SatisFactory project aims to contribute to the transformation of traditional industrial environments into Industry 4.0 facilities.


On board solutions and MDTs

Piattaforme CAD e Command&Control per Centrali Operative sanitarie e di gestione dell’emergenza.


Emergency Management

CAD and Command&Control solutions for Response Centers and Emergency Communication Centers.


Teleconsulting Networks

Software technology applied to teleconsulting and remote diagnostics geographic networks.


Alertment and multichannel communication

Alerting and communication systems for emergency and ordinary activities.


Geolocation and georeferencing systems

Geolocation of emergency callers and georeferencing solutions for Command & Control and emergency Dispatch. The new frontier in rescue.


White/Omega codes

Tools for lower priority clinical cases management in Hospitals and Emergency Rooms. Effective Identification and coding, accurate anamnesis.


Platforms for Civil Protection

Command&Control platforms for Civil Protection Operation Centres and tools for alerting and geographic governance.


Volunteer Organisations

ERP information systems for Volunteer Organisations, providing complete management of patient transport, resources, staff and accounting.


Healthcare geographic networks

I network geografici di Regola per la raccolta di dati a medio e lungo termine sono finalizzati all’indagine dello stato di salute della popolazione


MIRROR: Reflective Learning at Work

European project MIRROR aims to deliver a set of applications designed to improve competence acquisition and skill optimisation.


Streaming and Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage Conservation

Collecting and safeguarding heritage and spoken words knowledge: an initiative by Slow Food and UNISG using video and AR technology by Regola

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