We produce software technology and cloud services for Emergency, Healthcare and Business purposes, combining know-how and flexibility.

Since 1995 we are leaders in the field of IT products for Emergency Response Centres, as well as telemedicine solutions and highly innovative software platforms. We are well-known for our sector experience, our innovation-prone attitude and practicality.

Choosing us as partners means choosing excellent, state-of-the-art solutions provided by a young and versatile team.
Regola combines the benefits of a solidly structured, certified corporation and the efficacy of a cutting-edge, simple company configuration.

Regola’s very essence combines dynamic spirit, experience and flexibility: a natural inclination towards innovation allows Regola to apply the most advanced technologies in different fields, thus offering a wide range of products,  from software tools for business, to digital and mobile technology instruments.

Partners in innovation.

We are IT providers and partners in many innovation-related projects both for public and private bodies.  We develop cloud-based software solutions and systems for emergency, alertment, medical teleconsultation, and large-scale computerization.

Our distinctive mark lies in our advanced IT architectures, such as those for mobile devices and the integrated cartography solutions.

Allow us a little pride.

Regola is the Italian company that dramatically changed the emergency management process through the SaveOnLine® software Suite.  Together with the ORIENTÆ® map server, the nowtice® alertment platform and the exclusive Flag Mii® App, SaveOnLine® represents the very essence of today’s  Command&Control technology.
Among our successes in terms of health-related cost containment stand our TEMPORE teleconsultation system, and the LowCode software tool, designed to allow non-urgent emergency case management. And with our ERP PASS® we have been supporting many volunteer organisations for over twenty years.
Allow us a little pride, won’t you?

Projects built on technology.

Platforms for Emergency Response Centres by Regola are internationally employed in emergency management; moreover, our solutions support many innovative healthcare-related sectors.  We manage computerised geographic networks for specific pathologies, and, with our TEMPORE project, we have pioneered medical teleconsultation practices in Italy.

The significant innovation provided by our solutions allowed us to join relevant European experimental projects, as well as large-scale communication initiatives.

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