Competent and complete. But not complicated.

Regola is one of the liveliest Italian ICT companies providing solutions for Healthcare, Emergency Management and Telemedicine.  The company’s expertise, though, is not limited to these domains; in fact, a natural inclination towards innovation allows Regola to apply the most advanced technologies in different fields, thus offering a wide range of products,  from software tools for business, to digital and mobile technology instruments.

Regola relies on young and yet highly experienced professionals (80% of its web developers are graduates with specific certifications for the technologies they employ). The company pursuits excellence through a minimum personnel turnover and the promotion of internal professional skills, thus reducing as much as possible the need for external consulting services. Its very essence combines dynamic spirit, experience and flexibility; this allows to  offer all the benefits of a soundly structured, certified firm, as well as the advantages of the valuable “hands-on” attitude of its employees.  This truly makes a difference in terms of goal pursuit.

Regola is known for its expertise in handling projects.  In Italy, the company has pioneered telemedicine activities and remote diagnostic data/image transmission, and was among the first companies to develop the concept of distributed emergency management.  Its innovative drive is still enduring, and is expressed through a range of cloud services, mobile systems, as well as geolocation.

We are highly specialised providers with an open, collaborative approach.  We know well that any contest has its rules and that, without the synergy of different know-hows, it is impossible to achieve excellence. We provide turnkey projects, always customisable, standard-based and granting full integration with any technology and system already employed by the client.  That is what allows us to enter prestigious partnerships based on directness, common goals and exchange of know-how.

Regola is an ICT company relying on an uncomplicated and yet very sound organisational structure.  All workflows are managed according to quality standards in order to provide benefit to our clients and ensure a high quality level within any project we carry out.  Our software solutions are developed according to  AGILE  practices and our client support/management activities are compliant with the ITIL model. Moreover, our quality and security standards are certified ( ISO 9001 and ISO 27001) while we have achieved other specific certifications for software integration, or attesting the  technological level of our products (e.g. the Priority Dispatch Certification, which Regola was the first Italian company to attain).


  • Microsoft Gold Application Development
  • Priority Dispatch Paramount Platinum
  • AXIS Application Development Partner
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 27001:2013
  • Prometric Authorized Testing Center
  • Hootsuite Certified Professional