The fastest way to locate an emergency

The only safety app providing direct communication between Emergency Response Centres and users’ geolocation systems.  Anywhere.  Straightaway.  Effortlessly.

FlagMii® is a geolocation rescue service for Emergency Responders (operating at Emergency Response Centre or other organisations), answering one of the most complex requirements  when dealing with emergency, namely, the correct identification of the emergency site during critical circumstances (e.g. when non reference points are available, and/or the patient is in panic).

What makes the service unique is the smartphone app it relies on: a simple, free application allowing to directly transmit geolocation data to the Response Centre’s software system.

Target users:

  • Italian or foreign citizens
  • Tourists
  • Emergency Response Centre Managers
  • Civil Protection Organisations
  • Public Organizations Managers
  • Emergency Information Systems Providers

How it works

FlagMii® app is a free, ready-to-use smartphone app, available at most app stores.
In case of emergency, a citizen can get rescue for him/herself or someone else through a simple tap, in the fastest way.

During an emergency call, FlagMii® retrieves all available GPS info and transmits them to the Response Centre, associated to the ongoing call.  This way, the call-taker receives all the relevant data regarding the emergency location, and is enabled to estimate any intervention required in as little time as possible.

By Emergency professionals, for Emergency professionals

Easy to integrate, Complete, versatile.
FlagMii® was designed by professionals with many years of experience in the domain of Health Emergency Management and Emergency Response Centres, that is why it successfully answers any possible technical/procedural issue.

The platform was conceived in order to contain costs and possible issues related to the integration process, ensuring autonomy and self-sufficiency to both Emergency Response Centres and solution providers, and relieving the Emergency Response Centre of all the delicate operations related to geolocation and interaction with citizen’s smartphones.

Main features:

  • Integration and direct communication with Emergency Response Centre software systems
  • Geolocation and automatic transmission of caller position
  • Algorithms for GPS positioning accuracy improvement
  • Subscription to alerting and notification services (both from institutions and private senders)
  • Pop-up messages and alertments from emergency rescue providers
  • Simple integration and service distribution