The new era of emergency Cartography

Complement your Command & Control System with a new cartography service providing promptness, user-friendliness and functional efficiency.

ORIENTÆ® is a professional application for routing,  GIS and cartography activities applied to Command & Control functions in the area of Event Management.  It is a ready-to-use platform, allowing integration with systems already in use, and specifically designed to answer Emergency Management needs, especially in terms of information processing speed.

It is the ideal solution to upgrade the operation level of Response Centres without modifying any working routine.

Target users:

  • Emergency Response Centre Managers
  • Civil Protection Organisations
  • Rescue Professionals
  • Emergency Information Systems Providers

Cartography at the service of Events

Outstanding Performances: Finding the info you need is quick and easy with ORIENTÆ®.  It suffices to say that the system just needs 0.1 second for average route calculations: nearly real-time!

Specialised tools: Besides classic  GIS features, you can count of many specific tools, specifically designed for the emergency sector. For example, you can display  via linear routes the “hardest” portions of the area you need to localise.

Context availability:ORIENTÆ®’s interface is designed in order to keep your working context always “at-hand”, and the active visualization available at all times, whatever activity you are handling.

Maximum integration of external sources: ORIENTÆ®  allows you to  integrate any different kind of  cartography source you may need, and combine data from different archives.

Supporting multifunction solutions

ORIENTÆ®  is the natural complement to alerting tools like nowtice® and geolocation systems like FlagMii®, with which it allows to natively interact.  These systems and the LowCode™ system for low priority emergency management compose Regola’s array of Emergency Solutions: a range of instruments and platforms designed in collaboration with emergency professionals, to be used by Health Emergency Management organisations.

Main features:

  • Allows desktop, web and mobile use!
  • Real time colour-coded maps for intervention planning and simulation
  • Nonstop tracking of vehicles and teams
  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Linear routes allowing to geolocate complex areas
  • Alertment support through nowtice®