Specialized software for Volunteer Organizations and Associations

From Management to Administration and Accounting: since 1999 PASS® is the complete suite for Volunteer Organisations’ activities. Simple, detailed, always updated.

PASS® is the most intuitive, flexible, complete ERP software for  Healthcare, Social and Charity Volunteer Organisations management, e.g. Red Cross and Civil Protection.
Pass can be adapted to any organisational model, equally supporting  single independent Organisations and/or allowing cooperation and sharing among different structures, such as Health Facilities and Emergency Rescue organisations.
The software provides features for logistics purposes, work shifts management, and administration/accounting activities.

Target users:

  • Volunteer Organisations
  • Patient Transport and Rescue Organisations
  • Red Cross
  • Civil Protection Organisations

Features and benefits

PASS®‘s primary goal is the thorough optimisation of any operative and administrative workflow through  the computerisation of all personal data, as well as data related to Bookings, Services, Shifts, Performances & Resources, Statistics, Reports, Invoicing and all of the main activities performed by Patient Transport Volunteer Organisations.
Moreover, PASS® contributes to facilitate and configure the various reimbursements regarding the regulatory relationship with Healthcare Public Organisations required by law.
PASS® has been designed for use by Operators not possessing specific technological skills, and by Organisations or Associations of any size. Its modular structure allows to tailor the software to the real and specific needs of any Organisation.

Flawless, as it has been developed together with its users

Since 1999, PASS® assists the Volunteer Organisations’ Operators in their daily activities, including specific administrative fixes.
A constant enhancement process significantly contributes to the success of the software, keeping  it up-to-date and practical at all times. Such process is possible thanks to the valuable cooperation PASS®‘s large user’s community,  giving a non-stop feedback about improvements and/or about the ever-changing requirements in terms of regulations and procedures.

Instantly Operational

The availability of PASS® in Click here (Software as a Service) modality significantly reduces the costs sustained by  Authorities/Organisations for the software, and  the ensuing IT infrastructure maintenance. PASS® is fast, efficient, low-cost and instantly running.

Main features:

  • Service Reservation Management
  • Intervention Reports, Travel Reports, and Service Reports
  • Personal data, with highly detailed management features
  • Operative and Administrative Personnel Management
  • Reporting & Invoicing
  • Integrable Specialised Accounting Tools
  • Groups, Roles and Users for variable size facilities, or aggregated facilities
  • Accurate Reporting and Statistics