Reality is how you portray it

The most efficient way to enhance your communication projects via smartphone: from real to digital in a click!

peekmii® is a software platform designed for companies, offices and organisations and allowing to create and distribute  interactive realtà aumentata contents via smartphone. The platform allows to efficiently  audio and Video digital contents/resources can be efficiently broadcasted thanks to  the recognition of images captured with your smartphone or tablet.

It is a simple, valuable solution to create cutting-edge communication contents and increase audience involvement.

Target users:

  • Companies wishing to bring innovation to their communication
  • Books and Mags Publishing Houses
  • Media Agencies
  • Events and Shows Organisers
  • Museums and Exhibitions
  • Public Organisations involved in Information Campaigns
  • Universities and Authorities

A new way to convey information

Augmented reality is the latest form of digital content broadcasting. With peekmii® your users can frame a newspaper page with their smartphone’s camera and watch a related video, or, while they are walking down a street, they can point their phone towards a billboard with your logo and acquire information on your services. But these are just examples: your imagination is the limit, as peekmii® is a completely customisable tool, ready to support you in any communication project!

How it works

peekmii® does not replace your existing communication, neither it requires to modify your projects: in fact, it just turns non-interactive content into interactive content. You only need to choose one or several images (a logo, a newspaper page, a picture, a painting, …) and, through peekmii® choose the contents (a video, a webpage, other images or texts) to be associated to such images. Thanks to a free application, downloadable at any smartphone app store, your audience will receive your interactive contents just pointing the phone’s camera towards the images you chose.
And that’s not all. You will be able to update what they see whenever you want, in real time!

A pre-printed code? A pictogram? Thanks, but no thanks!

You can forget the awkward codes printed on your products, limiting your creativity and the space meant for your contents. peekmii® directly uses the images of your products and of your information materials, setting no limit to your creativity.
Let’s take a page of a magazine as an example: you can create your interactive contents and associate them directly to an image, a brand logo, or even to a headline! And what about showing an advertising video for your products, automatically launched when a smartphone is pointed toward their packaging  or towards a  billboard?

Thanks to peekmii® you can print anything, anytime: it adjusts itself to your images, not the other way round!

Features and benefits:

  • You can immediately start your peekmii® project with your existing contents:  no need to start from scratch!
  • You will not need to modify any of  your printed material: peekmii® requires no stamps or pre-printed codes. Just let the images speak for you!
  • You can change your digital content anytime, without having to print anything out.
  • You will pay for peekmii® only upon actual usage. You will be able to deactivate and reactivate the service any time you want.
  • peekmii® is an ideal solution even if you have a limited budget  and your project is still at a testing stage.