From real-time to real future: improving emergency services efficiency through geographical representation and forecast.

The ORIENTÆ map server’s planning modules allow real-time monitoring with regard to the efficacy of all of the employed resources, and to simulate how the relationship between requirements and services provided within a specific geographical area progresses.

ORIENTÆ®’s simulation tools employ real-time simulation algorithms in order to estimate and represent through maps how the relationship between needs across a specific area and services provided evolves along time, examining scenarios configurable both in terms of quantity and distribution.

Target users:

  • Emergency Operation Centres
  • Authorities and Country Organizations

Integration and external data sources. Perfect for your management systems.

Performance analysis of the systems used during emergency/critical care interventions cannot be provided without an appropriate visualization of a specific area’s very needs.
The ORIENTÆ® Planning Tools allow you to use georeferenced data (e.g. government data, maintenance interventions,…) coming from facilities or vehicles in order to create maps providing real-time actual travel times (also based on previously collected data) concerning the situation in progress.
The use of specific technological standards ensures the possibility to easily access data sources coming from existing networks or applications. Dedicated features allow to export data regarding provided services to external systems or historical storage systems, thus increasing the synergy among the CAD and all platforms employed.


  • Efficient visualization of geographic characteristics such as extension, population and population density.
  • Thematic representation of any relevant parameter or index, such as provided diagnoses or health services, clinical events, cost factors etc.
  • Calculation and display of travel times and other service levels.
  • Possibility to save and export intermediate processings and alternative scenarios.
  • Customizable UI (colors, layer transparency, …)


  • Real-time representation of scenarios related to analysis/emergency intervention upon variation of specific parameters.
  • Real-time calculation and visualization of specific levels of service (e.g. travel times) upon changes in terms of resource allocation or relocation.
  • Possibility to simulate the effects of an intervention on services and facilities.
  • Possibility to simulate potential variation in terms of quality of service upon geographic variations (e.g. change in population density)

Why you should choose ORIENTÆ® Planning Tools:

  • Point out areas where services need enhancement. ORIENTÆ Planning Tools allows to compare an area’s actual needs with provided services, in terms of resources, facilities and emergency transportation efficiency.
  • Monitor service compliance with regulations and contract provisions. Computing power provided by ORIENTÆ’s algorithms allows to constantly and accurately represent travel times and facility availability.
  • Design and plan investments and reorganizations. The use of ORIENTÆ Planning Tools as a simulation and estimation instrument is crucial when determining intervention strategies and service optimization. The possibility to observe in real-time the impact of service modifications or relocation allows to evaluate possible alternative scenarios, and enhance the effectiveness of decision-making criteria adopted. Therefore, ORIENTÆ Planning Tools provides an objective validation method with regard to territorial organization decisions.