A different Dimension

A complete range of specialised software products, designed to support professional projects employing Virtual and Augmented Reality.

R3D online® efficiently answers to the different requirement in terms of interactive digital solutions of a number of sectors: e.g. Industry, Marketing, Communication, Museums, and  Publishing. R3D online® comprises a suite of specialised software tools to create and manage professional Augmented Reality projects.

Target users:

  • Companies wishing to bring innovating to their offer
  • Industrial Maintenance Sector
  • Museums and Exhibitions
  • Books and Mags Publishing Houses

Bespoke, for professionals

R3D online® has been purpose-built for demanding Augmented Reality applications characterised by a high architectural complexity.  The suite provides a large set of highly specialised tools, seamlessly integrable within a complex production flow and able to work with any other software product.

The decidedly  professional cut of this product is plain in its performances and accuracy, as well as in the possible customisation processes it supports.

Real-time and advanced rendering

R3D online® relies on a real-time-oriented technology. Each component has been planned to deliver the highest graphic quality combined with minimal response time. This is possible even when dealing with high quality rendering: in fact, the platform supports different rendering methods, including fixed rendering pipeline, shader-based multipass and interactive ray tracing rendering. Moreover, R3D online® simulates a number of advanced effects, including: global illumination, depth of field, parallax bump mapping, shadow mapping, NPR, HDR lighting. RR3D online® also supports stereoscopic vision.

Scalability, Productivity and Performances

Creating interactive environments and models is fast and easy with  R3D online®. The Enhanced Scene Graph (ESG) feature allows the greatest versatility and accuracy while modelling each single side of the representation, be it static or dynamic.

Thanks to its complete scalability, meeting any possible requirements, the suite can successfully run on common consumer desktop PCs, on embedded systems with limited resources, as well as on state-of-the-art graphic workstations with dedicated CPU clusters,.

Main features:

  • Completely developed with Object-Oriented methodology in C++ ANSI/ISO
  • Supports both DirectX and OpenGL
  • Supports high-level shader languages and effects, including: MS HLSH/FX, GLSL, Cg, CgFX
  • Provides different professional rendering methods
  • Ensures visual top quality, thanks to advanced effects simulation.
  • Supports stereoscopic vision
  • Offers Augmented Reality Function
  • Provides Integrated Terrain Engine