A comprehensive Emergency Management Platform

All the tools required by your Emergency Response Centre within a single software Suite:  the SaveOnLine® is  a multidisciplinary, modern solution, validated by a long, significant  on-the-field use.

A single platform including all operation and administration features to be employed by the Emergency Response Centre and related organisations. From call reception by call-takers, to case evaluation provided by Medical Dispatchers, to Management activities for the coordination and supervision of available resources.

SaveOnLine® can be integrated into external CAD systems and supports all European Emergency Number Service Centres.

Target users:

  • Emergency Response Centre Managers
  • Operators and administration staff of Emergency Response Centres and related organisations
  • Legal staff of Emergency Management Facilities
  • Emergency Information Systems Providers

The most complete software suite on the market

Besides traditional CAD tools (click for details), SaveOnLine® offers features allowing interaction with Hospital Information Systems, and facilitates administration activities. Moreover, the Suite provides on-board applications for emergency vehicles and specific tools ensuring real-time assessment of the actual number of available hospital beds/medical apparatuses, also ensuring the possibility to check the status of hospital reception queues. Finally, the Suite includes software modules for medical teleconsultation, web tools, CMS, and software tools for large screens,  as well as mobile geo-location systems, features for planning, previsioning and cartography-related activities.

Designed for today’s Emergency Response Centres

SaveOnLine® Suite 5 not only allows the digital management of traditional dispatch activities performed at Emergency Centres, but also provides tools answering the needs of all the actors involved in a modern, integrated  emergency dispatch service: from event planning to resource management, from coordination among different organisations, to integration with the European Emergency Number 112.

Fast. Simple Proactive.

SaveOnLine® Suite 5 turns the software employed at your Emergency Response Centre from a mere management tool into an actual decision support system. In fact, the Suite not only manages data and information inputting activities, but also actively supports the user when dealing with decision making, without ever compromising his evaluation autonomy.
The user interface is now completely redesigned, and allows operators to use different modules in a consistent way, avoiding any possible issue related to context changes.  Human error is minimised, and, even in the event of an operation fault, it is possible to retrieve the initial emergency event status.

Standard and easy to  integrate

The Suite employs international standards allowing integration with the all the most commonly used platforms.  Moreover, SaveOnLine® can retrieve data and sources from the Web, and exchange information with most hospital Information Systems.

Main Modules:

  • CAD: Complete treatment of complex emergency events, Missions and Maxi-Emergencies
  • Cartography: ORIENTÆ® map server, designed for Command&Control activities
  • Integrated Messaging, including document exchange and broadcasting.
  • On-Board: software tools for professionals onboard emergency vehicles.
  • Hospitals: emergency teleconsultation, data exchange, pre-alertment
  • Synoptic screens and large screens showing synthesized and customised event representation
  • Administration activities: specific module for Emergency Response Centre Management
  • White Codes: comprehensive data exchange with the LowCode™ platform, managing low priority emergencies.
  • Mobile georeferencing and communication through the FlagMii® smartphone app.