Who-when-where: all you need to know about services on a specific area, at a glance.

Supporting citizens in finding out the most appropriate service providers in their area is one of the main goals of today’s Call Centres, but it is also a demanding task, the complexity of which is determined by many different evaluation factors, potentially impacting the efficiency of services/facilities. ServiceLead is the Directory of Services that combines power and accuracy, ensuring the possibility to always make the right choice.
ServiceLead is an information system allowing the efficient management of services offered to the population and supporting the appropriate conduction of public information centres. Its task is straightforward but also quite delicate: namely, supporting operators in finding out the most appropriate service and facility for the citizen, according to criteria such as suitability, specific services provided, reachability and opening hours, but also taking into account possibly supported health insurance coverage services.
ServiceLead employs computerized criteria allowing to contain search time, increase the accuracy of obtained information, and, as a consequence, reduce costs related to inappropriate patient/healhcare facility distribution.

A chi è rivolto:

  • Emergency Communication Centres
  • Nurse Health Lines
  • Call Centres (911, 112 and others)
  • Public information centres

Why a Directory of Services?

Computerized directories of services are the operational standard in any domain where facility/service search involves heterogeneous, hardly interfaceable domains, or domains that are complex in terms of number, type or variability. ServiceLead ensures intuitive, simple and efficient directory updating and service/facility search processes, providing tangible results in terms of cost containment and relieving facility congestion.

Interactive maps

One of ServiceLead’s most significant features is its powerful mapping component, ensuring both a high level of detail and an appropriate global vision of the services provided across a specific area. Searching by proximity to the user becomes fast and simple, also through interactive search filters, providing real-time map customization.

Integration and application evolution

In the Health management field, ServiceLead is integrated with LowCode™, a leading software application for omega codes and low-acuity cases management. A few clicks, and ServiceLead provides a list of suitable services according to a patient’s needs. Specific standard-based application evolutions prove ServiceLead’s significant potential in terms of integration with booking systems, tools for reporting and statistical analysis, and hospital IT systems.

No installation required, maximum ease of use. Since now.

ServiceLead is provided as a cloud service and does not require software installation on operators’ computers, allowing immediate use through common web browsers, and granting maximum security. Moreover, as a cloud-based service, ServiceLead ensures automatic, seamless updating and enhancement processes.

Maximum search flexibility:

For each single service available, ServiceLead allows to record a range of classification parameters such as:
  • Service Typology and sub-typology
  • Specific pertinence to the domain of interest
  • Opening and closing hours, including extraordinary closing periods
  • Geolocation, identification of nearest services
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Customizable tags and record hierachical categorization with regard to services/facilities

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