Choosing Regola means being able to count on qualified teams and superior performances, ideal for any area where goals are ambitious and the context is sensitive. Our operative model combines high attention for project requirements and research of advanced technological solutions.

Customised software solution development

Regola’s very essence is that of an IT company strongly oriented toward advanced software design and tuning.


We specifically focus our attention on custom projects: in this context we support the client since the preliminary stage, creating a relationship based on cooperation and common goals.


What makes Regola different from ordinary software firms is its ability to handle apparently unrelated contexts, creating extremely versatile, efficient, durable platforms.

Cloud service design and development

The demand for cloud services is constantly increasing. In fact, these instruments do not require software installation on users’ computers, or maintenance, but they ensure safety, data protection and a fast, easy use.

Cost containment

The software is hosted on server systems and does not require intervention at the client’s premises.  Moreover, the service is only to be paid per-use, not affecting the company asset management.


You can implement virtually any kind of project as a cloud service: this type of solution is equally ideal for very specific requirements (e.g. highly specialised operative flow management) and for larger, more complex contexts requiring the integration of external services.

H24 assistance and support

One of Regola’s main crowning points is the company’s ability to offer assistance and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


This kind of support is especially indicated when dealing with situations requiring strategic operative continuity and professional expertise available on-call according to agreed upon and certified SLA.


Regola provides this kind of service for critical domains such as that of Emergency and Rescue, ensuring its clients an absolutely excellent quality level with regard to any intervention.


Maximum productivity comes from a good software solution as well as a sound specific knowledge of your entire range of possibilities.   This is the main concept on which Regola’s training services are based upon.


A deep knowledge of the client’s operative context allows Regola to provide ad hoc training services, taking into account actual application domains.  This is not only about combining theory and hand-on aspects, but also about  performing a careful analysis of constraints, limits and specific dynamics related to software use.

Project Workflow.

We create maximum synergy with our clients through long-lasting partnerships. That is why our projects (stage by stage) always answer the needs on the entire life cycle of the solution we provide, overcoming the boundaries of  ordinary software cycle time.
Since the very first meetings with the client, Regola is able to interact in a proactive, competent manner, providing a sound basis for the ongoing work.  Constructive critical sense and the ability to always propose efficient and feasible solutions make it possible for the company to support the client and ensure his/her goals are reached in as little time as possible.
Usability and careful software interface design are some of the main characteristics Regola’s products are known for.  Product ergonomy is the result of the perfect balance between visual appeal and a sound rational structure of  all implemented tools.  That is why, among other professionals, the company relies on technicians solely devoted to User Centered Design issues: in fact, this strategic aspect of projects is too often underestimated in IT contexts.
Technology offers numberless possibilities, but the winning factor when dealing with highly complex projects lies in the possibility to fully customise all available tools. Namely, one of Regola’s very strength is the ability to organise and coordinate platforms and instruments coming from very different contexts in order to project ideal solutions based upon specific requirements.
Regola does not wish to be regarded as a simple technology provider. For this reason we decided to devote one entire company division to product Communication and Marketing in order to support our clients during the crucial stages of project positioning and promotion, including bid handling and analysis of future development opportunities.
Such skill contributes to increase the company overall expertise and clearly states our professional “attitude”, that many partners and clients have come to appreciate.
We tend to appreciate the most projects offering some growth potential and allowing evolution.  Therefore we usually work on long-term projects requiring continuity, and allowing us to provide constant innovation through state-of-the art ICT solutions. We love supporting our clients perfectioning their working context. And that love is the quality we are most proud of.
Even great solutions need client Support Services.  Our Support Service is based on ITIL framework and achieved the ISO9001:2008 certification. This means we guarantee excellence in observance of the SLA in all maintenance processes and all client support activities.